• YEAR: 1993
    DIMENSIONS: 130 x 195 cm
    TECHNICAL: acrylic and mix technician on canvas
  • Production of smoke or odorous vapors obtained by burning resins (incense, fennel, laudanum, styrax), odorous woods (cedar, sandalwood, agar from the Indies), dust of aromatic plants (thyme, laurel, spice clove) or scented waters and composite perfumes. The most ancient function of fumigation was religious and sacred. It was associated with the sky and the gods. From ancient times down to the Enlightenment fumigation was the defense against contagions and great epidemics. But the importance of the sacred and the therapeutic should not lead us neglect the profane use of fumigation. Throughout the course of history, fumigation has served human beings not only as a means of masking bad smells but as a pleasure for the senses and as a contribution to the decoration of festivities. Our air-fresheners, sticks and ambient perfumes are the direct descendants of the thuribles and incense burners of the past.

    (Text taken from the Dictionnaire du langage perfume, Éditions Huit Publicité)

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