olores acuosos y vegetales. invierno

  • YEAR: 1993
    DIMENSIONS: 123,5 x 40,5 cm.
    TECHNICAL: blue Building. Acrylic on cloth with wood
  • The perception of smell, given its abstract nature, is of a subjective nature, with rational and emotional elements intervening simultaneously, since memory appears as an associative element of thought, and through this, time assumes ts protagonism: converting the past into present, simply by means of the perception of a smell.

    The formal structure of the work is the result not of the sensation of smell in itself, but of the transfigurations it provokes in me.
    The suggested smells are formed not only by the structure of the form and the colour, but also by the elements used in their realization, such as the natural pigments and the wood.

    De Andrés

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