• YEAR: 1997
    DIMENSIONS: 117 x 117 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix on canvas
    EDITION: only piece
  • It is at the end on the left, and when you get there, another corridor and it’s still at the end on the left, and then another corridor, and at the end on the left many times. Finally, after turning and turning and turning in the interior of your brain, you come to an empty space, yet full of an unmistakable aroma: it is in essence your own essence. Constant and laborious distillation (laborious distillers). Millions of images, of smells, of sounds… Throughout a whole life… Treated in a complex, mysterious alembic… Until… aahhh! …to come to a little flask perfectly conserved in the very depths of one’s own being…
    At the end on the left.

    Juan Ugalde

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