fota al terra, endins

  • YEAR: 2015
    DIMENSIONS: 100 x 100 cm
    TECHNICAL: blown glass and wood
    MODE: escultura
  • Forat al terra, endins / Hole in the ground, inside

    The work is complete when its shadow is projected onto the background, thus giving importance to its unfolding, its transparency or its stain.

    A watery shadow of frozen instant. As if it were a memory of a sublime moment. It recalls what we understand by smell, what is left behind or ahead.

    The play of depth of the work has this idea of ​​loss of the plane. The piece melts away, the way a smell melts away, at the precise moment in which we observe it.

    Smell of sea, smell of person, smell of body; what it leads us to has a transition of time inscribed by its transparency, which invokes both the transparency of crystalline water and the porosity of the skin, positing a micro-macro system.

    The speeds at which the piece speaks are different. It evades us in every concrete thought.

    Its smell is of earth moved by the water and of skin penetrated by the sun. The cold bright reflection of the glass gives us this moment of presence in the same instant that it gives us a smell.

    Júlia Mariscal


  • Exhibitions

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