extractos de permutación # 2

  • YEAR: 2015
    DIMENSIONS: 101 x 70 x 10 cm
    TECHNICAL: sculpted photographic prints
    EDITION: unique
    MODE: fotografia
  • The sum of different layers of the work points both to absence and to presence. Or it translates the certainty of the encounter, which always implies an irremediable parallel loss.

    A space is the intersection of multiple times and places. I wonder, how does one manage to reflect all the places that have been? How to translate the multiple layers of a surface that is never just one surface?

    The place seems exhausted, but I stop to observe it, to smell it and listen to it. The sounds of its fall appear as in a successive network; sounds that in turn reconfigure the construction and then the house is drawn as a fragment. From the fragment a memory can be salvaged, accompanied by the persistence of its smells. And smells allow us at last to remember. When remembering is a sum of blurred images it is only possible to try to complete by superimposed layers.

    Leyla Cárdenas

    May 2015

  • Exhibitions

    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography