• YEAR: 1996
    DIMENSIONS: 41 x 30cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed on canvas
  • Colour orange vital and concupiscent, acid and attractive as a poisonous toadstool I discovered the tone as a reaction to the blue of the background And that which exudes so much life or recalls the oxygen on the heights of the summits does nothing other than specify its supremely false aspect, with this white zone of infection which corresponds to the part of me that is a man.

    Will regard to the part of me that is a painter that has already left behind it the things that can be expressed in words and dreams of looking behind the painted object. The picture aspires to the quality of a rind, like a little cranium the size of a fist which shines for a moment and falls with an orange smile.

    What does the color of an empty word smell of?

    Lluis Candaudap
    Barcelona, 16 april 1997

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