cajas y cordel

  • YEAR: 1981
    DIMENSIONS: 23,5 x 36,5 cm
    TECHNICAL: pencil and mixed technician on wood
  • As a painter, I am very aware of the smells —the essence of turpentine, the damar, the mastic, the juniper resin, the amber, the wax, the linen, the linseed and others— that have accompanied me all my life.
    In the silence of painting, smell is not the protagonist, but the contemplation of the picture can summon up the memory of the smell of what is represented there. The smell of the wet earth, of the flowers, of the sea, of the fields, of the wheat…
    In Boxes and cord, absence and the void may well be the theme of this drawing; the mystery with its undefined smells to which the light gives a place.

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