birthday flowers

  • YEAR: 2006
    DIMENSIONS: 27 x 27 cm/27 x 54 cm (abierto)
    TECHNICAL: video and casing
    EDITION: 6/10 + 2 PA
    DURATION: 10'
  • My experience of smell during the making of Birthday flowers was strong, going from the sweet scent of fresh Spring blooms to a wafting of decay and stagnant water. My experience of watching the flowers over seven days translated into changes I would make in the room, as though the room were responding to the flowers’ provocation. They communicate with one another through me. It was not my intent to convey specifically a sense of smell, but one of empathy between things, between the vase of flowers and the room. Naturally, smell was integral to the flowers and so integral to how I responded through the room. How much this is understood by the viewer is unclear to me.

    Maggie Cardelús

  • Exhibitions

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