Martin ASSIG


  • YEAR: 1998
    DIMENSIONS: 185 x 136 cm.
    TECHNICAL: varnish on wood
  • My nose is round and thick. Perhaps 4 cm. thick and 2 cm. long. Except for my father and my brother I have never met anybody with such a nose. Apart tram its thickness everything about it is normal, it is placed in the middle of the face and has two holes which are used to smell and breathe.

    Which was the first smell we noticed? Which was the first smell my memory recorded through the holes of my nose? Possibly I liked my mother’s smell as well as that of hot food and drink A little later the smells of snuffed candles, of the central heating hot air and that of the leather football balls were also added.

    Even today. The memories I have of the smell of paper and powder in my school folder produces me a feeling of uneasiness. What a strange smell that of the soaked woolen gloves after a battle of snow balls. It was delicious the smell of my first girlfriend’s clothes.

    Time goes by just like smells do. Which will be the last one I will feel? Which one will I feel later?

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