olor a material industrial

  • YEAR: 1990
    DIMENSIONS: 220 133 x 132 cm.
    TECHNICAL: mixed on canvas
  • The first tense sensation, cold desolating, and even odorous, was one morning when I entered through the passage door of one of the industrial sheds belonging to the METRO.

    The scene was important enough, since I now remember it, and, above all, remember that special odor of industrial material, which emanated from a living organism, composed or men and engines. A warm vision represented by the humanity of the workers; another vision, tense, desolate, cold was outlined before me, by the tentacles of the engines constantly wrapped in a kind or atmospheric cloud, heavy with the odor of industrial material.

    From the basic or planning of the canvas, I see the scene odiferous space, of continuous and constant emanations, of forms, of colors, and of odor. The canvas reflects that first day, the circle represented the energy, as much human as artful, and the odor, protagonist or the canvas, remains completely shaped by an atmospheric ambience that covers the form and causes us to enter into a world or industrial odors.

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