el cebo

  • YEAR: 2003
    DIMENSIONS: 60 x 30 x 30 cm
    TECHNICAL: flowers and balls of resina 
    EDITION: unique
  • Invisible, it has the virtue of surprising, it appears when you least expect it, it incubates like the little shoots of spring, like the smell of the water of the dew, in bursts in an instant, it evokes times past, distant places, a reencounter with some loved one, absences, little particles in the air, it moves us in time, unforeseeable.
    The work is presented in an irregular way as a beehive, inspired by nature. Suspended in the air, it is composed of little white flowers and transparent balls made of resin that are joined some together others and articulate the form contained in the space.

    Mayte Vieta

  • Exhibitions

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