Michael JOO

herkimer diamond (german flatts)

  • YEAR: 2010
    DIMENSIONS: 119,4 x 157,5 x 5,1 cm
    TECHNICAL: water-based polyester paint with high content, transparent urethane coating on aluminum
    MODE: pintura
  • Herkimer Scent


    The crystalline is the way we give order to the disorder of entropy.  It vibrates between the two.  The realms outside of our field of vision are chaos.  The form of the crystal directly reflects the invisible infrastructure of its inner makeup.  It’s transformation as a precipitate out of liquid is akin to a dream becoming memory, entropic non-linearity giving way to a place in a larger chronology.  Smell too is invisible and like the crystalline occupies both realms of entropy and negentropy, chaos and order, dream and memory, fact and fiction.  They are sisters.

    Michael Joo

  • Exhibitions

    - the fragrance of images (touring exhibition)
    - the fragrance of images