• YEAR: 1990-1992
    DIMENSIONS: 143 x 194 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix and collage on paper
  • Brief note on my nose I don’t recall exactly when it was I started to realize that my nose wasn’t functioning properly. Of course, it was a long time ago, but even so the memory of ‘my smells’ goes back almost to my earliest days and the range of samples it has provided me with, if not very extensive, has certainly been significant.

    I have suffered from sinusitis and allergy for years, which has not prevented my nose from having some spectacular moments; not only that but, on account of its deficiency, when my respiration does work it penetrates right inside me, and makes itself felt as sweetly and melodiously as one of the majestic riches of nature and when it allows itself to be accompanied by smell it makes the olfactive sense the most precious gift of…

    Miguel Rasero

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