Miquel MONT

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  • YEAR: 1995
    DIMENSIONS: 100 x 75 cm
    TECHNICAL: acrylic on wood

    66. Can’t we imagine that certain men possess a geometry of smells different from ours?
    What I finally want to say:
    Can’t we imagine hundreds of men who possessed other concepts of smells than ours?
    And this in turn means:
    Can we represent to ourselves that certain men do not possess our concepts of smells, but that theirs are similar to ours in such a way that we also call them ‘concepts of smells’?

    110. If you do not clearly perceive the problem of logic in the concepts of smells, you can start with the simple course of a sweet smell tending to sour, for example. That some such thing exists, no one doubts. And that I can learn to use the expression ‘tending to sour’. For example, by the language game that consists in putting things in a certain order.
    Consequently, I can learn in accordance with the smells to recognize a sweet-and-sour smell, sweet-and-sour tending more to sweet, acid-sweet, an acid-sweet tending more to sweet, bitter-sweet, bitter-sweet tending more to sweet, fruity-sweet, fruity-sweet even sweeter.
    In this way, I proceed by independent stages, as in a mythical attitude.
    The challenge of finding a smell that is spicy tending to sweet could be resolve by one person as spicy-acid, and another person would not understand it at all. What is their basis?

    Miquel Mont
    17 April 97

  • Exhibitions

    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education