• YEAR: 1994
    DIMENSIONS: 40 x 104 x 7 cm
    TECHNICAL: wood, ceramic and temper
  • Hidden, captured, without roof between walls
    You die yearning r beauty,you breathe through perforated walls of pleasure,
    pain of plenitude.
    You, hidden, captured. Between walls without roof;I bite back desire through your beauty.

    From the void you breathe, through
    walls perforated by your presence,
    of the pleasure of pain
    from that to plenitude.

    Hidden, captured. Without roof,
    desiring beauty
    breathing between walls,
    perforated by your presence.
    of the pleasure of pain
    of the pain to plenitude.


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  • casco industrial III

  • YEAR: 1999
    DIMENSIONS: 118 x 35 x 30 cm
    TECHNICAL: zinc
    MODE: escultura
  • I hide on the roof terrace of my head,

    with the memory of the smell of the summer estate

    creating with my obsession

    a desolate and abysmal landscape,

    from there I look out on an industrial horizon

    full of olfactory memories.

    Miquel Navarro

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