paisaje esquemático

  • YEAR: 2014
    DIMENSIONS: 65 x 54 x 7 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
    MODE: pintura
  • ‘The landscape retains the aroma of all the experiences, the view is the filter through which its essence reaches us…’

    Human perception by way of the senses leads us closer to the stages of the sublime present in nature, and art is, without a doubt, the means by which we move towards the encounter.

    La percepción del hombre a través de los sentidos nos lleva a un acercamiento a los estadios de lo sublime que alberga la naturaleza y el arte, sin duda, es el medio que tenemos para acercarnos a su encuentro.

    In the series of paintings Schematic Landscape I set out to synthesize by means of geometry the content of the ‘emotional’ landscape in its primary state, leaving there as protagonist of the scene the resonance of the air, the atmosphere of the painting, which in its turn contains reminiscences, echoes, of other landscapes and other contemplated experiences.

    Ñaco Fabré

  • Exhibitions

    - the need for the infinite. Monochromes in colección olorVISUAL