esencias del norte

  • YEAR: 2012
    DIMENSIONS: 105 x 105 cm
    TECHNICAL: mixed and optical fibre on wood
    MODE: pintura
  • Esencias del norte is a work that speaks of the purity and essence of things. A sensitive and elegant work in which the different shades of white are spattered with smalls drops of blue and green, a clear reference to the colours of the sea and the mountains.

    A conceptual and material work in which light is shown in the very painting as one more element that, by means of these small dabs, akin to brush strokes, adds more hues to the work and brings it to life.

    In this work the concept of synaesthesia materialises through light that conveys olfactory references, to freshness through shades of blue, and olfactory references to shades of fresh grass, fields and meadows by the use of light in its greenest hue.

    Esencias del norte, like most of my works in which optical fibre is part of the material of the canvas or the frame, is intended to be enjoyed both with and without light, because these are paintings thus conceived that have many nuances, come to life at any moment of the day arousing different sensations every time, and are self-enriching.

    Pablo Armesto

  • Exhibitions

    - Smell Of Alella Vines