Patricia DAUDER

película abstracta I

  • YEAR: 2005
    DIMENSIONS: variables size
    TECHNICAL: movie of animation in color. dvd
    EDITION: 1/3
    DURATION: 1'28'' en loop
  • Abstract images that follow on from one another without end.
    Forms that evolve rapidly, remaining scarcely a few seconds in projection, only to give way to other sequences, with a changing tendency toward the construction or destruction of a form.

    Images with no apparent relationship to one another.

    Some images change into a dry, sharp, military rhythm. They are cold images, of spaces, architectonic constructions, symmetrical symbols or circular objects. Others reveal a smoother and more natural growth, more measured, as in the time-lapse filming of the growth of a plant. They are inherently warmer and more organic images.

    The alternation between sharp and smooth rhythms lasts all through the film and accompanies the typology of the images themselves. There is a constant cadence between the industrial and the imitation of natural rhythms.

    Patricia Dauder
    May, 2005

  • Exhibitions

    - olorVISUAL en Microwave
    - screening olfactory