washington suite 2 - serie cinco fachadas

  • YEAR: 2005
    DIMENSIONS: 50 x 35 cm.(c/ pieza)
    TECHNICAL: colour photograph on acrylic
    EDITION: 2/10
  • Smell has something to do with what remains invisible at the surface. It possibly tells the truth about modern things (those that pretend to glittering finish of perfection), and as well can be used as a manipulative weapon. In the world according to our urban culture, deep blue rhyme with chlorine stenches. The steel-and-glass skin that protects megalopolis buildings has turned to a battlefield where takes place the struggle inescapable. Air quality: the façade acts as an interface. On one side, this inner small world it shelters, with its air conditioned at all floors and its so-called sterilized atmosphere; on the other, the street, a chaos of more or less undesirable olfactory phenomenons.
    We’ll soon observe what follows on: the wash can be as intense as possible, the smell is persistent, and returns to the attack, over and over.

    Roland Fischer

  • Exhibitions

    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education
    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography