• YEAR: 2004
    DIMENSIONS: 91,2 x 115,2 cm
    TECHNICAL: enamel on aluminum
    MODE: pintura
  • I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a synesthete. I can only imagine how
    different my work and perception of the world would be. The color in my paintings
    is based on an almost skewed color wheel, with an inverted logic of complementary and
    secondary colors. I can’t quite articulate it nor state the rules, though the same
    color sense and relationships are repeated over and over, it is how color makes sense
    to me. I know that when one experiences synesthesia, their senses are linked and
    have a logic all their own. I can imagine if color, brightness, shape, and smell
    were somehow liked for me, I would imagine this paintings to smell sweet like hard
    candy, yet outdoorsy and woodsy too, a bit like vanilla, licorice, and lemon. The
    smells would separate and intermix, maybe pulsate in intensity.

    Ruth Root

  • Exhibitions

    - the fragrance of images (touring exhibition)
    - the fragrance of images