silent IV

  • YEAR: 1988
    DIMENSIONS: 95 x 120 cm
    TECHNICAL: mix on canvas
  • Words with patina
    in the shade of the liver or this poem.
    A worm has bored holes in memory.
    Hands of rue harvest at the cluster or the infinite,
    If you open a box or Alpine colors, and
    you sniff deeply,
    you’ll smell the aroma or infancy.

    Antoni Gost. March, 1998


    When the music stores the cello
    in its black sarcophagus
    the cadaver or God smells or rosin.

    Angel González
    “Lesson or things and other poems”


    In the deepest or nightfall over the island.
    White Odors with pages or Sand
    wrapping the Salt which with time
    will change into Memory and Sea.

    Tòfol Sastre. March, 1989

  • Exhibitions

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