• YEAR: 1990
    DIMENSIONS: 220 x 43 x 2 cm.
    TECHNICAL: painted wood
  • With this sculpture I have tried to give body and color to the evocation of an odor. It is a work that occupies space without touching earth and which seems to intersect itself lightly with the wall while suggesting the other part. Its form is organic, fluid and insinuates movement and a lack of gravity. It is painted in a gentle and total degradation that starts with an intense magenta purple that saturates itself till it reaches white. This emanation of form and color dilates into nothingness to make evident that it comes to be an infinitesimal part of the Whole.

    Tom Carr

  • Exhibitions

    - IMPACT!
    - Smell colour. Chemistry, art and education
    - SINESTESIA. colección olorVISUAL
    - essències
    - essències2
    - essències3
    - esencias4
    - esencias5
    - the need for the infinite. Monochromes in colección olorVISUAL