raster porträt

  • YEAR: 2001
    DIMENSIONS: 150 x 120 cm
    TECHNICAL: oil on canvas
  • The starting point of Kowski’s painting is various impressions, perceptions and associations.
    The painting Raster Porträt took a long way till its finishing. The works is covered with several layers and is composed by a lot of different coloured strokes of the brush. The Raster Porträt does not show a portrait in a usual way, it is more a kind of impressions of a portrait, distraught coloured gestures.
    The topic of Raster Porträt is the memory of a person, the impression which is still staying after a person already left, created as an abstraction. But while a person has physically left, there are still things about him or her staying for a longer time, for example: the smell. Especially the smell is something, what seems to be subliminal, but it characterises a person very clearly.
    The word Porträt in the title also reminds of the sense organs of the face. However, in this work the mouth, the ears, the eyes and the nose are invisible. But the layers are visible and could read as a representation of the different possibilities of sensory perception. Kowski describes with colour and gestures an individual person. On the one hand, the strokes of the brush are separated, but on the other hand, they overlap each other and form new combinations.
    Understanding Kowski’s work by exact and patient observation can be seen as a metaphor for a very typical human behaviour: the sensory perception of human beings.

  • Exhibitions

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