el libro de las cabezas. evolución-metamorfosis

  • YEAR: 2005
    DIMENSIONS: 62 x 56 cm
    TECHNICAL: color photography on baritado paper
    EDITION: 3/9
    MODE: fotografia
  • Ophelia and Hamlet


    O – At that time everything smelled rotten in Denmark…
    H – What time?
    O – The time of tragedy.
    H – What tragedy?
    O – Ours! Hamlet, for God’s sake, can’t you even remember your role!
    H – What roll? The toilet roll?
    O – Hamlet, you act even stupider than you are, and that’s saying something! And to think I killed myself for you…! I mean the words that Shakespeare puts in your mouth. But as I was saying, what with globalization the whole world smells rotten now.
    H – And why did he put dirty words in my mouth, this theatre idiot? Hey, Ophelia, where are you going?

    (This time Ophelia throws herself out of the window)

    Esther Ferrer
    May 2009

  • Exhibitions

    - essential art.
    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography
  • autorretrato con berza (serie performance las cosas)

  • YEAR: 1990-1995
    DIMENSIONS: 76 x 66 cm
    TECHNICAL: black and white photography colored by hand
    EDITION: unique
    MODE: fotografia
  • It’s with collard greens.

    Esther Ferrer

  • Exhibitions

    - electric and Distant. colección olorVISUAL Contemporary Photography
    - the lost identity. the face, colección olorVISUAL
  • serie proyectos espaciales

  • YEAR: late 80's
    DIMENSIONS: 25,5 x 35 x 25 cm / 30,5 x 41,5 x 28,5 cm (box)
    TECHNICAL: thread, cable or elastic, pins
    MODE: escultura
  • ‘Disorder allows you to go to a place that order will never reach.’

    Esther Ferrer

  • Exhibitions

    - the fragrance of images
    - the fragrance of images (touring exhibition)