Marina NÚÑEZ


  • YEAR: 2006
    DIMENSIONS: variables sizes
    TECHNICAL: dvd
    EDITION: 1/3
    DURATION: 1’50"
    MODE: video
  • Some of the characteristics of monsters are:

    the instability of a soft fluid body capable of metamorphosing,

    the heterogeneity of a hybrid body formed of illegal combinations,

    the obscenity of a body without edges or containment that transgresses its own limits.

    However, the really horrifying thing is the idealized or canonical body, a rigid body, pure and sealed. I don’t know who could inhabit it without suffering from cramps, autism and claustrophobia.

    Luckily it is only an imaginary body.
    The nose, the ears, the eye sockets, the mouth, the pores of the skin… our senses lie in holes. Our skin is not armour, but rather a fragile mobile membrane, perforated, permeable, contiguous with the rest of the world.

    Marina Núñez

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