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Our 2016 in Pictures

  • These are the images that bear witness to the intense 2016 we have had at colección olorVISUAL. We’ll be back next year with more exhibitions and activities. Season’s greetings – we look forward to seeing you in 2017!

    Exhibition The Art of Collecting. Ernesto Ventós. colección olorVISUAL
    From 25 January to 3 April at Can Framis
    Curated by Daniel Giralt-Miracle, this was the ninth exhibition in the series

    Exhibition Hipocamps. Colección Ars Citerior and colección olorVISUAL
    From 27 October 2016 to 8 January 2017. Last few days!
    At MUA. University of Alicante’s Museum
    A dialogue between works from the two collections, united by the sense of smell

    Exhibition Reproductibilitat 2.2. colección olorVISUAL
    From 21 October 2016 to 22 January 2017. Last few days!
    At Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani in Palma
    The latest in the museum’s Reproductibilitat series, with works from the collectión never shown before in the Balearic Islands

    Once again this year we took part in the LOOP Festival, where we showed Chema Alvargonzález Kaleidoscope Floating Soul (2004) in the Espai Volart
    From 26 May to 5 June

    From 23 to 28 February we took part in the seventh annual JustMAD art fair, where we ran an olfactory workshop for girls and boys. While the adults were visiting the fair, the young people were learning more about smells and contemporary art

    GAC Awards 2016 – 9th Galleries Night
    As well as sitting on the jury, the gala event on 7 June gave us a great opportunity to catch up with all our friends and colleagues from the art world

    Setba Jove
    From 1 July to 9 September, the ninth iteration of this collective show for artists under 30 once again provided a platform for younger creative talents, an initiative to which we at colección olorVISUAL have always given our support


    Exhibition Smell of Alella Vines
    This pairing of works by Nasevo and pieces by artists from colección olorVISUAL set out to represent the distinctive qualities of the wnes of a region as singular as the D.O. of Alella
    From 8 September to 9 October at Can Manyé. Espai d’Art i Creació

    We also contributed to the publication of the catalogue of the exhibition Cespedosa. Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. The National Photography Award 2015 show is currently at the Tabacalera art centre in Madrid

    Photographs: Es Baluard, Fundació Vila Casas, JustMAD, Maria Coma, MUA. Museo de la Universidad de Alicante, Tabacalera. Promoción de Arte